The Scandinavian House Santa

(The artist´s presentation of her work)

It is an old Scandinavian tradition. A house santa was the quardian angel of your house, he protected and blessed it. At Christmas-Eve the residents of the house made sacrifices to him, boiled rice pudding. The santas were called different names according to were they lived, ex. Yard-Santa, Mill-Santa and Forest-Santa. Their clothes were grey and thick. White or grey beard. Red or grey cap.vThe Santas were very old creatures and worked only during night time.

These House-Santa are made by Elinor Krabbe in a pure natural way. Sheepskin, ceramic-mud, sheepwool, handspinning -yarn, wood and steel. No fabricated parts, all by hand, so no santa looks like the other. The artist Elinor Krabbe have been making this figure for nearly 25 years. She has been awarded with scholarship and a lot of credited TV, media etc.